Want Cosmetic Dentistry? Consider Dental Veneers!

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Are you looking to improve the look of your smile? Consider getting dental veneers! Used by super-stars and laymen alike, dental veneers are a great way to protect and enhance your smile.

Dental veneers are are very thin, custom-made shells used in cosmetic dentistry. They are perfectly shaped, then bonded to the fronts of your teeth using dental-grade adhesive. Veneers are made of dental-grade porcelain and are typically matched to the shade of your tooth enamel. This allows them to look just like natural teeth!

Getting veneers is a great method for cleaning up small blemishes in your smile, such as chips or cracks. If you have discolored teeth, veneers can get you a smile that looks uniform and white. In short, veneers can cover and protect your smile, as well as drastically improve its appearance.

Dental veneers can last over a decade with the proper care and treatment. Their incredible durability combines with their pleasing aesthetic to create a beautiful, bright white smile that will last.

If you would like to learn more about dental veneers, you can set up a consultation with Dr. Peter D Kim, so you can see if dental veneers are right for you. To schedule an appointment in Bakersfield, California, call Truxtun Family Dentistry at 661-327-7497.