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You may have noticed some yellowing appearing on your teeth, and no matter how much you brush, it is not budging. You may have thought about a tooth-whitening system, but are not sure what is available and right for you. At Truxtun Family Dentistry, we offer our teeth-whitening service and can tell you more about it when you call 661-327-7497.

There are a number of different types of teeth whitening procedures for you to consider, which includes:

  •         In-office bleaching with our teeth whitening system
  •         Take-home bleaching trays for you to do at your leisure
  •         Store-bought teeth-whitening paste that may take several applications
  •         Teeth-whitening toothpaste, which could take weeks to accomplish a whiter smile
  •         Laser whitening is usually done in a dentist’s office

Each of these whitening system carries some risk or precautions, so be aware before diving right in; namely, sensitivity or allergy to the ingredients and tooth sensitivity. If you already deal with sensitive teeth, gum disease, or dental crowns or bridges, you may want to ask the dentist whether teeth whitening is right for you.

Once you have been cleared by the dentist, you can then apply teeth-whitening bleaches. Advances in technology have paved way for new and exciting, not to mention, whiter systems. Many dentists now offer the teeth-whitening system, which takes less time and yet, gets your teeth much brighter. Of course, scheduling a consultation with Dr. Peter D Kim is the first step in your goals for a whiter smile.

Contact us for an appointment at 661-327-7497 and see the difference with our teeth whitening service in Bakersfield, California.