Protecting Your Toothbrush Hygiene

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Did you know that it’s important to brush and floss every tooth every day, as well as schedule regular dental appointments with our dentist? By completing these routine dental habits, you can have stable dental health. However, if you are wondering if there is more you can do to maintain the quality of your teeth, our team would be happy to offer tips on dental habits to prevent a variety of dental issues. We encourage you to avoid sharing your toothbrush, as this could result in harmful oral issues caused by bacteria.

If you share or borrow a toothbrush, you could spread and receive bad bacteria that will then affect your mouth. Each smile is unique, which means people have their own combinations of germs and bacteria in their oral cavities. For this reason, each toothbrush harbors its own germs and bacteria. Similarly, if you have gums that bleed when brushed and you share your toothbrush, this could spread any blood-borne illnesses you have, including herpes and hepatitis.

We encourage you to take proper steps to care for your teeth and keep them clean in the event that you are without a toothbrush at home or in public. If you are concerned about treating bad breath, you can use a mint or mouthwash to temporarily reduce odor and help your mouth feel fresh. Additional options to improve breath include drinking peppermint tea or eating an apple.

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