Discover Your Smile with Dental Erosion Prevention

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Never let dental erosion damage your smile. Dental erosion occurs to harmful acids chewing through your tooth enamel. In order to prevent dental erosion, it is important to understand all of its causes, and what you can do to help treat it effectively. To ensure your smile has the greatest chance for oral healthcare success, set forth a dental erosion prevention plan.

It is important to establish an effective dental erosion prevention plan to ensure any harmful acids in your mouth do not chew through your tooth enamel. It is also important to be aware of the risk factors for dental erosion including genetic predispositions, environmental factors, excessive sugar and starch consumption, acid reflux disease and dry mouth. Furthermore, you need to implement daily cleaning routines including brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis to help keep your smile safe. Supplemental cleaning processes including chewing sugarless gum to produce saliva can also be extremely helpful because saliva is a naturally occurring substance in your mouth that can wash away food debris and neutralize harmful acids in your mouth.

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